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Double Side Cylinder Hydraulic Goods Lift

Double Side Cylinder Hydraulic Goods Lift

We manufacture high quality Hydraulic Goods Lift. This Hydraulic Goods Lift has load capacity of over 5000 kg. It can handle material with height of around 12 meters, which is the height of its first floor. It can be conveniently mounted on any flat surface, which means our Hydraulic Goods Lift does not require any special civil structure or additional work. The space occupied will be about 600 mm more in width than the platform or car size effectively saving on space cost. 

We incorporate control valves for smooth lifting and our lift can be lowered by gravity. We offer power saving up to 80% as compared to convention traction system. The safety gears ensure smooth constant lifting and lowering speeds at any circumstances. Moreover, a separate manual release system can be provided to bring down the lift on power Failure.

Features :

  • Compact & Sturdy
  • Power saving up to 80%

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