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Counter Balanced Electric Stacker

Counter balanced Electric Stacker

We provide Counterbalanced Electric Stacker that is specially designed for loading and transporting the goods of factories and warehouses. The Counterbalanced Electric Stacker has compact design that allows it to perform swiftly in narrow passages. This Counterbalanced Electric Stacker is known for its flawless functioning and longer service life. 

Highlights :

  • Double hydraulic units for good operating flexibility and visibility
  • The non-straddle lift is ideal for feeding machinery or lifting to docks and mezzanines where base legs could interfere
  • Heavy-duty mast can been adjusted to suitable degree
  • Forged fork for easy access
  • Powerful drive and power unit made in Europe
  • Top quality electronic control system from Curtis
  • Low noise, no pollution, and high reliability with free lifting function


1. Capacity: 1000kg/1500kg

2. Battery: 210ah/280ah

3. Driving System: AC Motor

4. Electric Power Steering

CBES10/15?with 1000/1500KGS capacity, max. lifting height 5m, suitable for various conditions use. 
1.Three points frame structure. 
2.With real- time data collected by sensors on the mast and legs. 
3.Standard equiped with AC & EPS system is Option. 
4.Cold-drown channel steel mast. 
5.Side-way battery design is convenient for the customer to replace the battery.


Capacity kg 1000 1500 1000 1500 1000 1500
Mast type   Duplex Duplex Duplex mast & free lift Duplex mast & free lift Triplex Triplex
Mast profile   C model/H model C model/H model C model C model H model H model
Load center mm 500 500 500 500 500 500
Operator type   Rider Rider Rider Rider Rider Rider
Electric power steering (EPS)   Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Lifting height mm 1600-4000 1600-4000 2500-3300 2500-3300 3700-5000 3700-5000
Fork length mm 1070 1070 1070 1070 1070 1070
Fork width mm 200~900 200~900 200~900 200~900 200~900 200~900
Turning radius mm 1430 1530 1430 1530 1430 1530
Traveling speed km/h 5/5.3 5/5.3 5/5.3 5/5.3 5/5.3 5/5.3
Battery   24V 210Ah 24V 210Ah 24V 210Ah 24V 210Ah 24V 280Ah 24V 280Ah

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